Lapiro de Mbanga  Cameroon

Lapiro is a popular singer-songwriter ( aka “Ndinga Man” or “ Guitar Man”). He has a wife and four children.L

          Early in 2008 angered by high living costs and a constitutional change that would allow the president to stay in power indefinitely, people in Cameroon took to the streets. Amid nationwide strikes and mass demonstrations, popular singer Lapiro, who had demanded that the president resign, was arrested and charged with inciting youth unrest.

In September 2008 he was jailed for 3 years. He has deteriorating health and is financially bankrupt. His song ‘Constipated Constitution’ expresses Lapiro’s and many fellow Cameroonians’ strong objections to the constitutional amendment which will allow President Biya to stay in power after 2011./

For twenty years Lapiro has used the power of popular music to campaign for social reform.

Lapiro de Mbanga won the 2009  Orient Global Freedom to Create Prize, ‘Imprisoned Artist’ category. The panel includes Daniel Barenboim and BBC correspondent Razia Iqbal.




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Lapiro de Mbanga    CAMEROON

 In September 2012 Lapiro was granted political asylum in the USA.

Though Lapiro was very ill he sat for his actual for The Black Portraits in Buffalo, NY. in 2013

16th March 2014 Lapiro de Mbanga died in hospital of cancer.