Azimzhan Askarov

Azhimzhan Askarov is an Uzbec who lives in Kyrgystan. He is the director of the human rights organisation Vozdukh (Air). In june 2010 during the violence in the south of Kyrgystan, Azimzhan filmed and photographed killings and arson attacks on mostly Uzbec homes and other buildings in Bazar-Korgan. He was detained on 13th August 2010 and according to locasl humsan rights defenders was subjected to prolonged beatings on the police premises in Bazar-Korgan in an effort to force him to hand over footage and confess to murdering a police officer. On 15th September he was sentenced to life imprisonment. He is now critically ill in Bishkek hospital prison.

On 25th February 2020  there is a final appeal against Askarov's sentence in the Kyrgyz Supreme Court.

Please find more information at: FRONT LINE DEFENDERS


Azimzhan Askarov  KYRGYSTAN

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